E200i RAID Controller

First we need to add the HP repositories This are the Debian Jessie repositories from HP which contain the utilities to manage the raid controller e200i. Paste this into /etc/apt/sourcelist

deb http://downloads.linux.hpe.com/SDR/repo/mcp jessie/current non-free

Then do a

sudo apt update

And install the necessary packages. On my LM110 G5 only this two worked:

sudo apt install hpssacli hpssaducli
HP Command Line Smart Storage Administration Utility
HP Command Line Smart Storage Administration Diagnostics

After we installed the packages we can now get some health data from our raid controller and the disks.

First run:

sudo hpssacli

To enter the RAID Administration Utility. With the following command we can detailed information of all the attached RAID controllers:

ctrl all show config

Which outputs on my machine:

Smart Array E200 in Slot 3                (sn: PA6C90P9SWJ0CE)

   array A (SATA, Unused Space: 0  MB)

      logicaldrive 1 (1.4 TB, RAID 5, OK)

      physicaldrive 1I:0:1 (port 1I:box 0:bay 1, SATA, 500 GB, OK)
      physicaldrive 1I:0:2 (port 1I:box 0:bay 2, SATA, 500 GB, OK)
      physicaldrive 1I:0:3 (port 1I:box 0:bay 3, SATA, 500 GB, OK)
      physicaldrive 1I:0:4 (port 1I:box 0:bay 4, SATA, 500 GB, OK)


ctrl show all detail

We get the following output

Smart Array E200 in Slot 3
   Bus Interface: PCI
   Slot: 3
   Serial Number: PA6C90P9SWJ0CE
   Cache Serial Number: P9A3A0B9SWJ5XF
   RAID 6 (ADG) Status: Disabled
   Controller Status: OK
   Hardware Revision: A
   Firmware Version: 1.84
   Rebuild Priority: Medium
   Expand Priority: Medium
   Surface Scan Delay: 15 secs
   Surface Scan Mode: Idle
   Parallel Surface Scan Supported: No
   Post Prompt Timeout: 0 secs
   Cache Board Present: True
   Cache Status: OK
   Cache Ratio: 100% Read / 0% Write
   Drive Write Cache: Enabled
   Total Cache Size: 128 MB
   Total Cache Memory Available: 96 MB
   No-Battery Write Cache: Disabled
   Cache Backup Power Source: Batteries
   Battery/Capacitor Count: 1
   Battery/Capacitor Status: OK
   SATA NCQ Supported: False
   Number of Ports: 2 Internal only
   Driver Name: cciss
   Driver Version: 3.6.26
   Driver Supports HP SSD Smart Path: False
   PCI Address (Domain:Bus:Device.Function): 0000:0A:08.0

To improve disk performance I will enable the disk write cache and set the cache ratio to 100/0

=> ctrl slot=0 modify cacheratio=100/0

=> ctrl slot=0 modify dwc=enable

Now we have everything configured for the RAID on our server.